Lycos Europe closes Web Hosting and Portal businesses after 15 years in business

Posted by Paul@outside5.com on Jan 22, 2009 in Digital, Marketing

Lycos Europe has announced that it plans to close its portal and Web-hosting businesses.

This will impact any email marketing campaigns and email lists you may have.

It is important that you go through your database(s) for any email address using the following domain names:

  • Denmark - e-mail.dk, jubiimail.dk, jubii.dk, jubiiconnect.dk
  • France - caramail.fr, jubii.fr, lycos.fr
  • Germany - firemail.de, jubii.de, lycos.at, lycos.de
  • Italy - jubii.it, lycos.it
  • Netherlands - lycos.nl, jubii.nl
  • Spain - jubii.es, lycos.es
  • United Kingdom - caramail.com, jubii.co.uk, lycos.co.uk, lycos.com, multimania.com, jubii.com

We rcommend you take the following steps:

  1. Identify any addresses in your database that use the domains above
  2. Send an email campaign informing them that their email address will soon be invalid. So In order to continue receiving your emails, they need to provide you with a new email address
  3. This is also an opportunity for them to update their contact details and profile and for you to gather more information

We recommend you perform the following actions

It is vital you run this campaign as soon as possible. As sending emails to non valid address can lead to a high hard bounce rate and could damage your sender reputation and hence your overall deliverability.

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Web on TV with Yahoo Widget Engine on Samsung flat-screen HDTV range

Posted by Paul@outside5.com on Jan 6, 2009 in Digital, Technology

Some Samsung 2009 flat-panel HDTV systems in the 2009 ranges allow viewers to access certain parts of the internet directly through their televisions, to include Flickr™, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Weather and Yahoo! Finance, and content from well-known brands, including USA TODAY®, YouTube™, eBay® and Showtime Networks® with more on its way.  The offerings are set to include video streaming and other online services.

The Samsung TV’s will support the new TV Widget service, called “Internet@TV - Content Service.” This service adapts the Yahoo! Widget Engine to allow viewers to engage in a variety of experiences, normally only accessible on a PC.

You will be able to track your stock portfolio, stay on top of headline news as well as browse through videos, share photos and interact with friends.

Users can access the service by connecting the HDTV to a home network via the built-in Ethernet port or using an optional Wi-Fi USB dongle.

Announced 5 January 2009 on Yahoo! Finance

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Facebook user translations backfire?

Posted by Paul@outside5.com on Dec 16, 2008 in Digital, Social Media Marketing

This morning while looking around Facebook for some help on Pages we saw a strange (and not too helpful) message.

From http://www.new.facebook.com/help.php we chose ‘Pages’ from the ‘Ads and Business Solutions’ section, then - as our problem was not listed - we saw a link in the right column which we clicked that said ‘To get more information about Pages, ask other users your own question‘.

The page we landed on can be seen below, prompting us to ask our question by saying

If you don’t know the answer of Pages, then I can’t be bothered to tell you. Google it.

The Facebook Message (click for full page)

The Facebook Message (click for full page)

Looking into the other possible translations listed, it seems that

If you don’t know the answer of {category_title}, then I can’t be bothered to tell you. Google it.

was chosen over

What is your question about {category_title}?

It seems the people have spoken.

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Making Search Social with Google SearchWiki

Posted by Paul@outside5.com on Dec 15, 2008 in Digital, How To, SEO

Google are now allowing users to annotate their search results and make their comments public as well as rearranging thesearch results.

First, a quick search for Outside5 Blog returns our blog:

Google Search Result

Google Search Result

Clicking the speech bubble icon oppens a text box to add comments

Google Search Result with Text Box

Google Search Result with Text Box

Adding our comment and pressing “Make a Public Comment” shows our comment on the SERP.

Google Search Result with Public Comment

Google Search Result with Public Comment

Clicking the up arrow will move that result to the top of your results, and the cross icon will remove the item from your results.

The Google Blog says that this function will not affect the google rankings for anyone other than yourself when signed in to your iGoogle account.

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The Future of Digital. Questions to ask ourselves

Posted by Paul@outside5.com on Dec 5, 2008 in Digital, Marketing, Social Media Marketing
  • Will we be using mobile more than computers?
  • Will there be a one repository for all your information and documents etc, that you can access from any portal (phone / mobile / games console)
  • Open IDs - How can an open ID be trusted – Why hasn’t this been done already?
  • Will we still be buying things with our credit cards? Or with our mobile phones (one simple way around this now is the addition of tags to your phone) – In 2013 will these already be embedded into the phone?
  • Will privacy exist in 2013?  Will people care, the new generation that have been brought up on PCs and digital that currently don’t care for privacy.  Will this change as they get older?
  • The love of a multi profiles. Business Profile / Friends Profile / Family Profile – they are all very different.  How can a marketer talk to different people with different personas successfully?
  • In 2013 the workplace will be a very different place, skillsets will need to change and people will have needed to adapt to the changing face of digital.
  • What will the financial crisis have on the digital future?
  • How should marketers invest in the economic downturn?  Concentrate on more direct response, or invest in building communities and engaging consumers?
  • How will we be reacting against technology in 2013? Too much invasion?  Will we pay money not to be connected?  Rebel against any technology that thinks or controls you?  Will there be information overload?

Questions from Digital Futures, Crystal Balls

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