Palm Pre unlocked from O2 and working on T-Mobile for voice, data and 3G

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After many months of waiting for the Palm Pre to get a UK release and the heartbreak of seeing it with an O2 exclusive contract, the Pre was released last Friday.

I went to my local phone shop and managed to buy a shiny new Palm Pre, without a contract, but locked to O2 figuring sooner or later someone should be able to unlock it to work on T-Mobile (who I have a monthly contract with).  After seeing so many people asking, but only one mention of someone in the US unlocking it for voice (no data) I started worry a little.

Then I came across the Rebel Sim Card which has worked a treat.  I now have my Palm Pre, unlocked from O2 and working for voice, data and 3G on my T-Mobile sim!

Thanks a lot to the guys at Rebel Sim Card for unlocking the Palm Pre!!!



Oct 25, 2009 at 5:30 pm

Hey paulhelyerpre,

Just a quick question, did you need to ‘activate’ the Pre at the start using an O2 SIM card? Or was an O2 SIM card not used AT ALL in order to get this to work?

As you know, over on PreCentral [GSM] area, some users have had to get their Pre activated in the country of origin before trying other SIM cards in it.

Hope you can help!
Oct 27, 2009 at 11:23 am

It would not let me set up the Palm account using my T-Mobile sim - this was before I knew about the Rebel Sim Card - so I purchased a prepay O2 sim so I could activate and play with the Pre until I had figured out how to unlock it.



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